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Why Dropped Object Netting is a crucial element of onsite safety

Dropsafe net on a floodlight
nets light fixture
nets for oil rigs
nets for light fixtures

Dropped object netting is vital for worksite safety. It prevents objects from falling, ensuring the protection of workers and equipment. These nets also help companies comply with regulations, reduce risk, and enhance productivity.

Dropped object netting plays a crucial role in preventing injuries and fatalities by catching falling objects. It provides workers with a sense of security while working at height. The nets also safeguard valuable equipment and infrastructure, minimising the need for costly repairs and downtime.

Compliance with regulations is essential, and dropped object netting helps companies meet safety standards without facing penalties or legal consequences. Implementing dropped object netting proactively mitigates risks by capturing falling objects, reducing accidents, injuries, and property damage.

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Dropsafe Nets are the industry-leading, best practice solution to preventing dropped and falling objects in the workplace. Securely enclosing and tethering items located at height, the Dropsafe Nets can withstand the harshest environments and are tested to 5x the safe working load. Adopted by more than 300 companies globally, Dropsafe products - and especially the Dropsafe Nets - are revolutionising onsite safety.

dropsafe nets
dropsafe net on spotlight
dropsafe net on flood light
dropsafe nets on cctv

Key Features of the Dropsafe Nets

  • Triple action auto locking Trisafe™ Carabiner

  • 100+ sizes available (custom designs also available)

  • All wire and components made of SUS 316 stainless steel

  • Suitable for harsh environments

  • In-built RFID chip making traceability simpler

  • Toggles ensure a well-fitted net

  • Tested to over 5x the Safe Working Load (SWL)

  • 100% recyclable

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